Cvs photos

I often use cvs photos online to have photos made.I find it to be a quick and easy process.The price is cheaper online too.I usually have it sent to my local cvs store.Well this time did not quite work out that way.About ten minutes after I completed my order online,I recieved a phone call from my local cvs store.They told me it would take serval days for my photos to be shipped.The reason being that a part broke at the central plant.They then said that I could come in and do my photos.Which is what I did.Was surpraised as to how fast the info got to me and how they worked to print my photos.Thanks cvs photos.


Cleveland Cavaliers

Here it is almost the end of January.
The cavs have 17 loses in a row.
The only bright side to this is that they might get some good draft picks

Car wash on a cold winters day

It’s still a cold day here in Cleveland,Ohio.
The temperature is 20.
The car is covered with salt.I really want to get the car washed.My search begins for a car wash that hand drys cars.They are getting harder to find thses day,s.I go to Yellow and find a car wash.

For the want of a nail

I had my music cd,s rack hanging on the wall with nails.It came loose.
Time to go to Home Depot and find out what I could use instead of nails.They recommended the plastic screw drywall type.They come in diferent sizes and weights.If the item has some weight to it use at least 2 of them.

free photo software

I like to use the free version of FxFoto which is made by Triscape.
The feature I like best is the resize feature,which is great for web work or emails.
Fxfoto is very easy to use.
I like to use it with Cvs photos ,the drug store online

Talk radio WTAM1100 Cleveland,Ohio

One of my favorite shows on the radio is
It,s a home improvement show with questions and answers.
The show is on the air between 9:00am – Noon

To wordpress or to facebook

To wordpress or to facebook that is the question?
For me it’s kind of easy.
If it’s friends and family I know then I use facebook.
If it,s about other things then I use wordpress

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