Thanks Regis Philbin

Heard that Regis is retiring.
He has been on TV a long time and will be missed.
To me he seemed like an average guy.
Kind of reminded me of Johnny Carson.
Regis had that quick wit about him that would make you think where did that come from.


One of my favorite radio stations

One of my favorite radio stations is radio station WJR.Which is located in Detroit.The reason I enjoy it is because they don,t talk about just one subject for a half hour.They also invite guest speakers which is good too.

The morning drive

My morning drive to work takes 40 minutes.Traffic is very light at that time of the morning.
As I was driving gave me time to think.
At that time in the morning here in Cleveland it is still very dark.
Must be ever watchful for the deer.
Actually I kind of like the snow on the ground as it makes the deer standout.
The morning drive to work seems long to me as it’s dark and I can,t see that well and one must stay focus.
Now and then will change the radio station I love talk radio,talk radio will be my next post.

Why do I blog

Many years ago people used Ham radio,then came cb radio.
Now we have blogging.
I like being creative and contacting others.

word press has alot to offer

Many things to do with word press.
Find it to be very user friendly.
Enjoy reading other blogs

Touch by an Angel-star dies

John Dye, best known as the angel of death Andrew on “Touched By an Angel,” has died. He was 47.
The actor died Monday from a heart attack in San Francisco
On a personal note my mom took great comfort in that TV Series.

dtv tuner box

Bought a DTV tuner box for my old tv.
I got it from Best Buy.
I am using rabbit ears for an antenna.
Really pleased with it’s performance.
Really enjoy watching the PBS shows on it.

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